• I acknowledge that I have read and understood the Key Risks & Disclosures for Real Estate; Key Risks & Disclosures for Equity.
  • I hereby declare that I am acting on my own behalf.
  • I undertake that I will become a user of FracAssets Platform on the basis of my declarations and information provided in this application, and that any material change may impact this.
  • I hereby authorize and give rights to the Director(s) of the Company of the SPV on my behalf to execute and complete all documents related to buying or selling of shares of the SPV (Company).
  • I accept that I will notify FracAssets in writing in the event of any material change to my situations from the date of this application until I cease to be a client of FracAssets.
  • I further authorize FracAssets to use all the information provided at the time of this registration, for internal and external verification purposes.

Kindly review the Key Risks & Disclosures of Real Estate and Key Risks & Disclosures of Equity.